Our Campus

We provide teaching with full off new teaching aids that will make students familiar with technology and use to with new teaching aids. Smart class rooms equipped with all smart things which make smart education.


“Yoga is light which ones lit will never dim, the better your practice the brighter the flame.”
The habit of doing meditation is cultivated among the student for internal peace of mind which result in increasing the concentration power and reasoning  attaining  self realization.


We have well furnish lecturer hall for students. Seating facility make comfortable to students at Lecturer Hall.


The college has a well equipped conference room with an oval table and provision for conference mikes.


The first aid room has a bed, first aid kit which includes iodine solution antiseptic cream  and liquid, bandages, cotton, few medicines like pain killers, anti pyretic(for fever), Electrol, Glucon-D  etc. The room also has a list of doctors and clinics nearby. College also appoint a contract base Doctor for this purpose.


Various actives are taken in the D.Ed activity room to train the trainees to learn the innovative methods of teaching .


The hobbies of the students are also taken care of  by conducting various workshops and activities like stitching, cooking, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments.


Feedback to the teachers from students and others visitors to the institute is welcomed and attended to this. Feedback is important in the sense it help to correct and improve them selves. We have feedback boxes in which any one can come and give their suggestion or can complain without hesitation.


Our college attempts to maintain the eco-friendly environment and for this the college has maintained a beautiful garden and tree plantations are carried out on various occasions. This club has a panel of members (including students) to make the students aware of various measures for making our environment green, clean and pollution free.