Laboratories Information

Now- a- day’s technological era is running. In this modern age technology makes education effective and interesting. This ET lab is equipped with  modern technology for making teaching learning process effective. The lab is fully equipped with OHP, LCD projector and screen, radio and tape recorders, television DVD’s, audio cassettes and transparencies etc.


To conduct experiment and demonstration various science practical, pupil teachers are using science Lab this science lab are presently use by demonstration lessons by the staff as well.


This is a well equipped lab and stocked with psychological experiment equipotent and manuals. Provide practical learning experience to pupil teachers.


It is equipped with mathematical methods, help to pupil teachers and be used to help them in practical teaching programs.


For making pupil teachers content rich social science lab pertaining to political science, Economics, Geography, History lab is in rich with charts, atlas, maps, modals and reference materials, video films, C.D. etc.


Communication plays a vital role in an individual personality. In this regard the trainees are provided various practice sessions which include pronunciation and phonetics practices, vocabulary sessions and PD lectures. Language lab is ear phone, Tape Recorder, phonetic films, CD's etc. Speak recorded and listen to your self approach is practiced to impose listening comprehensive and spooking ability. Self leasing device are used in the lab.


This room has stock all types of drawing pencils, flat brushes of all number, stencils, wax crayons, sketch pens, permanent markers, water colour paints, poster colours, oil pants , pastel colours etc. to help trainees learn fine art skill that may help the future teachers to prepare attractive, accurate and proportional teaching aids.